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Welcome to Manifestation Magic!
If you looking for uniquely powerful brainwave entrainment frequencies that are proven to bring you results faster than anything you've experienced, you are in the right place.
We here at Manifestation Magic have developed a unique BWE audio that is infused with NLP and Subliminal suggestions that amplify the effect of standard BWE frequencies.
And we are excited to bring this collection of audios to the public.
As we grow our collection of highly specialized brainwave audios, the reviews from customers show us that there is a growing base of customers highly satisfied and getting real results from our audio based products transforming lives.
And with our ongoing product development and our investments in R&D, we are excited to bring you even more breakthroughs in 2019.
We truly believe in changing lives with our products and are constantly in our sound labs testing and fine-tuning our audio based healing and vibrational frequencies.
We hope you will find manifestation magic an awesome experience in your journey to powerful manifestations and we are always striving to be your partner and guide in helping to achieve your goals.

About Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson

Hi, Imagine this.
It’s Monday morning and you go to work.
And out of nowhere… Your boss calls you in for a talk.
Next thing you know, you’re let go without any warning.
It’s not even your fault. They say they are “sorry” to let you go but not sorry enough to give you money to get back on your feet.
On the way back home your car decides to break down on you… in the middle of the highway.
Great… Just as you get out of the car, it starts pouring down…
Your day just can’t get any worse…
So you finally manage to come home.
You are exhausted and soaking wet. You lie down on your bed.
And your roof collapses…
You realize you have no money for rent, no car, just barely enough to buy food…
That was me, Alexander.
Sounds awful, doesn’t it?
This happened about ten years ago.
I had lost my job, my room, lost most of my money and even my car broke down in 48 hours. And looking back, this was the best thing that ever happened to me because this event had launched me on a journey of spiritual discovery which eventually made me who I am today.
You see, this event led me to a completely different path.
Desperate with my life and knowing I had nothing to lose, I had desperately searched and came to understand the language and the hidden ‘guide posts’ of the Universe.
I have invested thousands of hours into studying spiritual masters, both contemporary and ancient, to understand what was being communicated by the Universe, what we needed to do and understanding how manifestation really works.
For years, I had spent almost every single day in the learning and applying. Reading ancient texts, learning in depth modern spiritual gurus like Esther and Abraham Hicks and studying everything from world history to mythology.
My goal?
To understand how the Universe works and why some people seem to attract wealth, joy and health effortlessly in their lives, while others seem to repel it and bring about misfortune.
With the wisdom gained and people I was fortunate enough to meet, I had learnt the how to raise and operate at a completely new level of vibrational state.
And with this, I learnt to become a person who could manifest things into life easily and more importantly honing my skills to be able to teach this and share it with others.
Since then, my life has never been the same.
Now, I’m a best-selling author, a spiritual guide and teacher and mentor to many who are learning to manifest… just as I had done a long time ago.
So welcome.
Welcome to my website.
I hope you will discover on this website what you are seeking.
Everything you’ll discover here is the wisdom of the ages. I have not created it. I’ve simply sought it and learnt it, mastered it and now I’m sharing it with you.
If you are looking to understand the language of the Universe and to seek a higher level of awareness. To be in synchronicity with the Universe, you are in the right place.
I am your humble guide and while I can show you what I know; it is up to you to open your mind and trust your intuition, to open your heart to receiving the infinite abundance that is around you.
If you want to ask me questions, just send me an email at AlexanderWilson@manifestationmagic.co and I’ll be happy to reply.
Good luck!