7 Powerful Manifestation Method Used By The Most Successful Manifestors

by Alexander J. Wilson | Dec 16, 2018

Most people understand Law of Attraction in theory.
However, Law of Attraction is not meant to be understood. It is meant to be done, for you to practice it. If you want to manifest miracles in your life, then your goal is not to only study how this is done but rather, to do the things, of rituals that bring such results.
What I will teach you next is not known by many people. Maybe this is because the Internet is full of the lite Law of Attraction version, the “sit in bed and do nothing” type of thinking in manifestation.
These rituals work.
I use them daily or regularly and if you use them, you’ll change your life.
You’ll notice improvements not only for your ability to manifest but you’ll also feel more balanced, you’ll feel happier and you’ll go through your days with a lightness you may have never experienced before.
Then let’s get started with the first one.

#1 – Demolish Your Fears

I have learned about this one from a book called “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. While Mr. Carnegie was not a practitioner of Law of Attraction, many of his teachings are used in this field.
What you need to do is simple.
Write your fears and ask yourself questions like “what’s the worst that can happen?”, or “how would my life look like if this fear would not exist?”. You can also ask “is this as bad as it seems?”.
The principle here is that once you put your fear under analysis, once you look at them in a critical way, you’ll realize that your mind blew them out of proportion and that it’s not as bad as it seems.
Alternatively, you can write all your fears on a piece of paper and then burn that paper. See all your problems disappear. It’s a strong ritual and your subconscious mind will appreciate the symbolism. Just remember to write everything that’s in your mind and heart.
Don’t censor yourself. Nobody will read them.

#2 – Make A Manifestation Playlist

You manifest what’s in your heart and what’s in your heart is what you think most about, on a conscious and subconscious level.
Here music can be useful.
Music can change who you are, your mood, your thoughts. It has an easy path into your subconscious mind. Music programs us and defines us a lot more than we’d like to admit.
But this can work in your advantage too.
Create a playlist with what you want to manifest.
If you want love in your life, create a playlist of songs that talk about happy relationships. If you want money, find songs that talk about this. You become what you think about and while there’s more to becoming than listening to music; it helps a lot.

#3 – Find An Accountability Partner

Finding another person on the same path as yours is important.
It will help you stay on track with your rituals and habits because now you are accountable to another human being. It also helps you express yourself, discuss these ideas and find new ways to implement them in your life.
Look for Facebook groups or go to Reddit to search for one. There are also sites like coach.me which are built around building rituals and accountability.
Just don’t hurry this. Don’t jump into an accountability relationship with the first person you meet. You need to be honest and vulnerable in such a situation and this means you need to find the right person. He or she will know you better than even your closest friends so act accordingly.

#4 – Celebrate Your Journey

I have a friend who owns several big notebooks. These are at a place of honor in her house, in the living room.
What’s inside you may ask?
Her wins.
Her accomplishments.
Everything that went right. She celebrated the good things every single day. Some pages contain big things as getting a raise or buying a new house. Others are as simple as “today I’ve woke up and go to work even if I am extremely tired and sleepy”.
Every single day she found reasons to celebrate her journey.
Do the same.
Celebrate small and big things. Take nothing for granted.
Everything you do or have right now was once just a wish. Your new house was once just a goal. Your new car was once just a fantasy. But we get so focused on getting to the next goal, of getting a bigger house, a bigger car, that we forget to appreciate what we’ve accomplished already.

#5 – Build A Vision Board

This one is well known and while I tell everyone to get one, to build one, almost nobody does
The principle is simple.
Put on a board everything you’d like to have in your life. Find photos in magazines and newspapers. Place post-it notes. Place small items that matter to you (for example a keychain of the brand of car you’d like to manifest). If you want to get married, get a sample wedding invitation and put it there or maybe the brochure to the hall you’d like to hold your wedding in.
If it gets so full you don’t have enough space anymore, just get a bigger board but don’t take things off it. In time you’ll see that this alone is one of the biggest things you can do towards manifesting the life you desire.

#6 – Find A Thematic Scent

This one is powerful!
Do you know scents trigger memories or how we associate a certain scent with a person or place? Like the perfume of a loved one or the smell of baked cookies?
You can do the same for manifestation.
Associate a scent with what you desire. For example, each time you are visualization your new house, you can surround yourself with the scent of vanilla. With enough repetition, when you’ll smell vanilla, you’ll automatically feel the conviction you’ll get your dream house.
This is called anchoring, and it works with many things, including touch and sound (e.g.: music). Scents are powerful because they stand out and because it’s easy to anchor them. And if you think about this, you’re already doing it. You associate the smell of coffee with waking up in the morning. You associate the smell of eggs and toast with breakfast.
Do the same with the things you want to manifest.

#7 – Do A Cleansing Ritual

This comes in many forms but the idea is simple.
Close your eyes. Relax. Then visualize yourself under a waterfall. Feel all your negative emotions being washed away. Feel how you are getting clean. You can do this in the shower too, it will be so much powerful.
The second version is the forgiveness process from NLP.
This is a guided meditation where you visualize cutting energetic ties with other people and either letting them move away from your life or renewing them. It’s hard to pull off just by giving you direction so your best shot is to search on google “The Forgiveness Process”.
You’ll find many free guided meditations you can follow.
These are seven rituals I use every day.
Which one will you use today?