Why Action & Faith Go Hand In Hand in Law of Attraction

by Alexander J. Wilson | Dec 9, 2018

Many times I receive emails like this:
“But I’ve tried to manifest this goal for so long and nothing happened. This Law of Attraction is crap. It doesn’t work”.
Let me make something clear for you right now. Law of Attraction works when you work with it too. You are in a position of co-creation with the universe. When you use these tools to manifest, you make it favorable for yourself to receive the blessings of the universe but this doesn’t mean that you can just sit in your kitchen and everything will come to you.
It’s like making fire. You need wood to get heat. And that wood is action.
When I manifested a $10.000 writing contract, yes, that came from the most unexpected source. But I did act before. This person knew I’m a writer and that I’m looking for work. It’s not like someone came and knocked at my door, offering me money.
Law of Attraction is not some magical trickery. Law of Attraction aligns the people, the circumstances, the situations you need for you to manifest what you desire in your life. But the universe will only go so far. You need to put work in it too.
Actually, there are three elements to manifestation and I’ll explain them here. Maybe you’ve never heard them explained as many spiritual gurus are afraid to state the truth because they’d lose customers.

The first one is faith.
You must have faith that what you’re doing will work.
You know, you have complete confidence that if you get behind a steering wheel, you can drive. Or that if you want to prepare yourself scrambled eggs, you can do this. You’re not anxious about it because you’ve done it thousands of times before.
So it is with the universe.
If you believe it won’t work, then you’ll project a negative energy field and you’ll manifest the opposite, your actions not working. Your outcome follows your energy and when you focus on the negative, guess what?
You get more of that negative.
Faith is the hardest to cultivate. Most practitioners of manifestation enter this with a feeling of “well, I don’t really believe this but I’ll try it anyway”. And because of this, it doesn’t work. It’s like throwing a wrench into the mechanism of manifestation. It’s like being a salesperson and going to someone and saying “you wouldn’t really want to buy my product, wouldn’t you?”
The other person will say no. If you don’t have enough faith in your own product to be confident about it why should the other person want it?
So is with manifestation. If you don’t have enough faith that your desired outcome will happen, the universe will give you exactly what you fear. It will give you a negative outcome, what you really focus on, what you don’t want to get.
Manifestation Magic, my program won’t work if you believe it won’t work. This is because your intention controls what will happen. You can’t expect negatively and receive a positive result. This is not how the world works.
The second element is acting.
Action is a strange thing here because it’s not the most important thing. Faith is far more important than action. But still, you need to do your part.
What you need to know is that the universe doesn’t really care about your how. Your things will not happen as you wish them to happen. Instead, you must get very clear on what you desire and then keep your eyes open for all the doors the universe will open for you.
Here, the universe is like a guide telling you where to go and what to do. When an opportunity appears, jump on it, take advantage, as this is the blessing, the gift of the universe. Don’t predict when it will appear, just expect it and know it will happen (the development of faith I’ve talked earlier).
The path from start to finish will differ completely from what you expect right now and this is how it is supposed to happen.
Third, get very clear on what you want.
I mean, extremely clear.
Write your goals. Write them in detail. If you want to manifest a new house, don’t just write a new house. Write the size and how it will look like. What type of tiles will you have in the bathroom? How big will the TV be in the living room? What about the color of the walls in the bedroom?
The clearer you get, the easier it will be.
Don’t ask for a second how you will get this. Just get clear on what you want to get.
A friend of mine wanted to find love in his life. So he wrote a 12-page description of the woman he wants to attract. He went into detail, from what books would she read to even the color of her eyes. In the end, the entry in his journal was so long it could have been a movie casting.
And guess what?
Just five weeks later, he met her. 95% of everything he had written came true. It was like he manifested this human being on this planet. You know what was the only major difference? She was a redhead instead of a blonde. But her education, her job, her interests, her love in pets, her sense of humor, everything came true.
And he’s not the only one.

I know people who wrote 30 pages on how their ideal home would look like. Less than a year later, they moved into that house. Sure, not everything came true, sometimes the kitchen used marble instead of granite or the fireplace was European style instead of the US one but most of them did.
This is how the universe works.
You get very clear on what you desire and then you add emotion to it. You develop faith. You act and think not if this will happen but that it will happen soon. The only uncertainty is when. Then you surrender to the universe and let it find the how for you.
When it does, when the right people, circumstances, places, whatever you may need shows up, then you act. You walk the path. And the universe will help you every step of the way until you are there.
Step 1: You get clear on what you want.
Step 2: You develop absolute faith you’ll get it.
Step 3: You act when the universe opens the door for you.
It’s as simple as that. This is how I manifested the life I have. It wasn’t hard work. It wasn’t anything special. I followed these three steps.
Now I’d like to talk with you about brainwave entrainment and how this helps you.
Brainwave entrainment is a technology that uses sound to put your brain into a higher state of vibration. This means it helps you think clearly, eliminate anxiety, eliminate worry and overall, feel real, fantastic. It also has the added benefit of putting you on a frequency where you can manifest what you desire a lot easier.
It works, and it is used by millions of people around the world. Virtually every major LoA teacher swears by brainwave entrainment. It is even used by some practitioners in the mainstream medical community and it is getting widespread acceptance in some parts of the world.
I have created a brainwave entrainment program called “Manifestation Magic”. I’ve done this for myself, to put my brain at that frequency, at that vibration that makes manifestation effortless. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life to get the frequencies and the beats just right. It’s been my secret weapon and apart from a few friends and family, nobody ever used it before.
Now I’m making it available to the public.

Because I believe there is enough in this world for all of us. I want to change the world for the better and to see more joy and richness around me. I am already doing this in other ways but I think the most effective one is to simply give you access to the tool that made it possible for me.
Not only this but it also contains hidden NLP commands to make you more confident and assertive. It programs your subconscious mind to be the best it can be.