How To Have Faith That Everything Will Fall Into Place When You’re Losing All The Time

by Alexander J. Wilson | Nov 28, 2018

A friend of mine once told me:
“It’s easy to be optimistic and do all you need when things go right. It’s hard to do so when nothing goes your way,”.
And I understand this. I tell you to stay positive and to meditate, to listen to brainwave entrainment, to visualize your goals but these are so hard to do when you are in pain.
I can tell you to be positive all the time but how can you be positive when all you feel is pain and despair? How do you develop the faith that the universe will provide you with the tools and opportunities to get to where you want to be?
I have the answer for you but first, let me tell you a story.
A few years ago, I was going through a lot of pain.
Everything in my life seemed to be undone. I had spent a lot of time manifesting what I desire and I was happy with my life. I was earning a lot of money; I was in a happy relationship; good people surrounded me.
And in about three weeks, I have lost so many things I’ve thought the world will crash on me. Do you know the feeling? Like when it rains it pours, everyone who contacted had bad news, and I felt like I couldn’t even get a break.

On top of this, everyone had to be freaking difficult and make my life harder. People were complaining all the time and blaming me for their problems, even when I had nothing to do with them at all. Relatives were putting a finger in my face and telling me that “my manifestation was crap” and “look where I am now”. It seems they had forgotten how I’ve changed everything for myself and how I’ve had a few amazing years to that point.
To be honest, dear reader, all I wanted to do is go into a motel room, close the door and sit there, watching TV or crying, anything but to face my problems.
And this is what I did.
Since my girlfriend was gone and my world was slowly crashing down and burning, I decided that I can’t deal with this now. So I bought myself tons of comfort food (McDonald’s fries do great in such moments), found a cheap motel and spent my days there.
Was it a good decision?
No, because things got worse. Hiding from my problems did not solve them.
What was worse is that I stopped doing all the things that helped me to manifest the miracles in my life. It was like I knew the key to success and did exactly the opposite.
So what changed, how did I solve this?
One step at a time. I knew I have a huge mountain in front of me and that it will take time to fix everything. So at first, I went for a run, to clear my mind. I came home and wrote one goal, one small goal, maybe my smallest problem out of them all. I had written exactly how my reality would look like if I would solve this problem and then spent a few minutes visualizing it.
Two days later, an old friend with whom I’ve lost contact called me and asked me if I’m interested in some contract work. This was exactly what I needed, my first small victory.
I’ve repeated the process. Every few days, I’d pick a new problem to solve in my life, I’d write a goal, add faith and emotion to it and visualize it several times a day. And every few days, someone would show up that would give me some advice or opportunity on how to move forward. For example, I’ve met a great friend and future mentor at the bookstore and this person helped me fill the holes in my understanding of manifestation. Out of all places, I’ve met my teacher and guide in a random bookstore. LoA is fascinating, isn’t it?
When you’re overwhelmed, don’t try to change it all at once. Instead, set a goal, something you can realistically solve within a week, get clear on it, visualize and wait for the universe to provide you with a “how”.
Once this “how” is provided, act, take massive action.
Another great thing you can do is gratitude. You get what you focus on. If you focus on everything, that’s going wrong, then you’ll get more of that. If you focus on the things that go right, even a few, even one, then you’ll manifest more of that.

My point here is that no matter how desperate your situation is, you can manifest a new reality for yourself if you follow the steps. But don’t take it all at once. Change one step at a time. Repeat the process every time. Soon, you’ll see that you’ve raised yourself out of your hole.
Another amazing thing you can do is use brainwave entrainment.
This will eliminate anxiety, give you a general sense of well being and help your brain vibrate at a far higher frequency. It’s far more effective than antidepressants, infinitely healthier, it makes LOA so much easier to accomplish.
The way it works is simple. You will listen to beats operating at certain frequencies. These frequencies will activate your brain’s natural healing, especially the 432 HZ frequency. Basically, you put your headsets on and you enjoy it, there’s nothing else to do.
It’s like meditation, just about ten times more effective and far easier to do. While meditation takes a lot of willpower and I find it impossible to meditate even 30 minutes without having my thoughts fly somewhere else, brainwave entrainment is pleasurable, easy to do and very convenient.
I have created a program called “Manifestation Magic”. This was my secret tool for making manifestation effortless. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on making this happen.
What is it, what does it do?
It is a collection of brainwave entrainment audios you’ll listen in your free time. You can listen before going to sleep or in the morning or whenever you have a free spare minutes.
The effect will be the same as a few hours of meditation. You’ll feel relaxed and mind you’ll be clear. You’ll know what you want and you won’t send conflicting signals to the universe. You’ll achieve that incredible sense of clarity that comes so rare in day-to-day life.
On top of this, there are hidden NLP commands.
NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming and it is a way to talk to your subconscious mind. I designed these commands to make you feel more confident, to love yourself more, to have more joy.
These are like affirmations but so much more effective. Instead of talking to your conscious mind, these are accepted directly by your subconscious and therefore, so much more effective.

Another amazing thing that “Manifestation Magic” does is that it uses the Solfeggio scale. These are the divine sounds and are scientifically proven to heal you, with each frequency having a special effect. Some frequencies make you a better communicator and builds empathy while others boost your immune system. When you use Manifestation Magic, you enjoy all these frequencies and you’ll improve your life overall.
But maybe the most interesting thing is that it allows your brain to vibrate at a higher frequency. It makes LOA so much easier. You’ll notice how you can manifest what you desire far faster, like through magic.